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School Board

School Board meetings are typically held on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Campbell County Technical Center. See the Calendar for specific dates and times. The Technical Center is located 7 miles south of Lynchburg Regional Airport on Rt. 29 behind Yellow Branch Elementary School.

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School Board Documents, Agendas, and Policy

June 13, 2022 Meeting Youtube Link

Previous School Board Meeting Recordings

September 13, 2021 School Board Meeting Recording

October 11, 2021 School Board Meeting Recording

November 8, 2021 School Board Meeting Audio

November 8,2021 School Board Meeting Recording

December 13, 2021 School Board Meeting  Recording

January 10, 2022 School Board Meeting Recording

February 7, 2022 School Board Meeting Recording

February 22, 2022 School Board Meeting Recording

March 14, 2022 School Board Meeting Recording

April 25, 2022 School Board Meeting Recording

May 9, 2022 School Board Meeting Recording

Barry A. Jones
Concord District
                         434-993-3449                          email

                     Dr. Scott A. Miller                       Board Chairman
Brookneal District

                           434-332-2594                       email

David Phillips
Rustburg District

                           434-332-2990                            email


                   Mark A. Epperson                        Board Vice-Chairman
                   Spring Hill District
                                             434-258-5275                                 email

Gary Mattox
Altavista District

                       434-369-1953                          email

R. Leon Brandt, Jr.
Sunburst District

                           434-525-4646                           email

Ann Parker

Ann Parker
                    Timberlake District
                                            434-401-3222                             email

Dr. Robert Johnson
          Superintendent of Schools             email