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Local Alternative Assessments

Campbell County Public Schools administer locally developed assessments to replace SOL tests for grade 3 history and science, grade 5 writing, sixth grade U.S. History I, and seventh grade US History II SOL tests. School divisions must certify that they have provided instruction and administered an alternative assessment to students that no longer have these corresponding SOL tests.

Beginning in 2019-2020, ninth-grade students started building their collection of evidence for End of Course Writing where performance tasks will be used to award verified credit, replacing the traditional End of Course Writing SOL Test. The collection of evidence must include three types of writing covered by the English Standards of Learning during grades 9-11: persuasive, analytical, and argumentative, with at least one of the writing samples including a research component.  For 2020-2021, ninth and tenth-grade students will participate in this collection of evidence. 

For the 2020-2021 school year, the Virginia Department of Education has provided waivers due to the COVID-19 pandemic for school divisions to elect to give Local Alternative Assessments in Virginia Studies, Grade 8 Civics and Economics, and Grade 8 English Writing. CCPS students will participate in Local Alternative Assessments in those courses.  

  • Grade 4 Virginia Studies: students will take a multiple-choice assessment that covers the first half of the year and they will participate in an integrated reading, writing, and social studies performance assessment to assess second semester standards.
  • Grade 8 Civics and Economics: students will take one multiple-choice assessment to cover the first half of the year and will participate in a performance assessment in the spring to assess the second semester standards.  
  • Grade 8 Writing: students will take a local alternative assessment in spring 2021 that consists of multiple-choice questions and an expository or persuasive writing prompt.  

Guidelines for Local Alternative Assessments require school divisions to provide a balanced assessment system, where students produce work or demonstrate their knowledge, understanding, and skills in ways that are authentic to the subject and/or the real world.  Your child’s work is evaluated to better improve assessment and instruction in the classroom.

Score Reporting of Local Alternative Assessments:

To view your child’s progress on these Local Alternative Assessments, visit the assessment tab within Parent Portal. 

More Information concerning Campbell County Public Schools Local Alternative Assessment can be accessed by clicking on the following links: