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New Teacher Mentoring Services

Campbell County Mission Statement: To provide a world-class education that enables every student to choose and pursue any post K12 endeavor.

Mentoring Services Goal:
 To hire, train, and retain the best teachers. We believe this is done by developing skills to create a lasting, positive impact on students and inspiring long-term joy in the classroom for teachers.
Coordinators of Mentoring Services

Teaching in Campbell County aims to provide the best education possible to our students and prepare them for any post-PK-12 endeavor. We believe that enthusiastic teaching is rooted in this passion for reaching every student. With this lofty goal, we recognize the need to provide tailored support for every new teacher in Campbell County. This support aims to foster a growth mindset rooted in self-reflection and mentorship. Through common bonds formed between mentees, mentors, instructional coaches, coordinators, and administrators, we seek to encourage joyful and effective teaching practices. This handbook will serve as an essential guide designed to clarify and define the roles and responsibilities of participants in our mentoring program. 


Mentoring Services


Here you find a list of current job openings in Campbell County! 

If you have questions about a specific opening and what the day-to-day responsibilities may entail of that role, please contact an elementary or secondary Mentoring Coordinator. 


Mentoring Services