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CCPS Mentor Program


The New Teacher Mentoring Program is under the direction of the Director of Personnel. The Coordinator of The New Teacher Mentoring Program reports to the Director of Personnel and works with the Lead Mentors and school administration to facilitate the mentoring process. Below is an overview of the mentoring participants and their respective roles.


Coordinators of Mentoring Services

Kim Briggs and Mark Wilburn

Mentor Coordinators

The goal of teaching in Campbell County is to provide the best education possible to our students and to prepare them for any post PK-12 endeavor. Teaching is rewarding, but also challenging. In Campbell County, teachers have always been collaborative and collegial, willing to help and support those new to the profession.  This sort of informal exchange will always be a vital part of our professional culture.  

However, we also recognize the importance and need for a more formal process of professional induction to ensure that students of Campbell County Schools have an excellent teacher in every classroom.  Quality mentoring is crucial to attracting, developing, and retaining great teachers. The Campbell County New Teacher Mentoring program is designed to provide new teachers with the support and structure necessary for success