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Students and Parents/Guardians

We are proud to be able to offer your students the convenience and safety of public transportation to and from school and to extracurricular events.  We are dedicated to providing the safest and most reliable transportation possible. Students are our focus and their safety is our priority. 

The Transportation Department plays an important role in the mission of Campbell County Public Schools. In the interest of the safety and welfare of our student passengers, CCPS maintains strict transportation discipline and safety regulations. The standards of behavior outlined in the CCPS Code of Student Conduct and the following additional transportation rules and regulations will apply to all students anytime they are using CCPS Transportation Services. Using CCPS Transportation Services is a privilege. Virginia Code, 22.1-176, permits school boards to provide transportation to pupils but does not require them to do so. Disciplinary consequences resulting from failure to follow these simple safety regulations may result in revocation of riding privileges and/or suspension from school depending upon the severity of violation.

 Pre-K-4th Grade Students only:  Parents/guardians or a designee of students in preschool through the fourth grade must appear at the bus stop each morning and afternoon to load and receive PreK-4 students.  The designee  may include an adult (designated in writing) or a sibling (5th grade or older.  If you or your designee is not present to receive your child in the afternoon, the bus driver will bring your child back to the school.  Failure to take possession of your Pk-4th grade student may result in  the loss of transportation services. 

We understand that CCPS transportation is essential for the majority of our families, and that student and school safety is the most important issue we collectively face. We take the responsibility of providing a safe bus environment seriously, as we should. We will continue to evaluate and improve our transportation safety practices so all our students can have a safe and positive school experience. We ask that you assist us by setting high expectations for your student’s behavior while riding CCPS buses. Their success and safety depends on all of us. 

Bus Behavior Expectations and Rules

At the Bus Stop

  • Arrive at your bus stop at least 10 minutes before arrival time

  • On the way to the bus stop use safe pedestrian practices (be aware, cautious and respectful of traffic)

  • Wait for your bus in a safe space away from the road and traffic

  • Respect private property


Boarding the Bus

  • Before boarding the bus, students shall wait until the bus has come to a complete stop

  • Make sure the bus warning lights are activated & be certain all traffic has stopped

  • When boarding the bus make sure the driver can see you and avoid the “danger zone” the 10 foot area immediately surrounding the bus

  • When crossing a road to board a bus, look for a signal from the driver and walk to a point 10 feet in front of the bus. Only cross in front of the bus


On the Bus

  • The bus driver is in charge and is responsible for the safety of all students

  • The bus driver has  the authority to assign seats and make necessary arrangements to maintain a safe and orderly environment

  • Students shall obey the directives of the driver 

  • Students shall be respectful and courteous to the driver and all passengers

  • Students shall talk quietly use appropriate language

  • Keep the bus neat and clean

  • Students shall remain seated at all times unless loading or unloading.

  • Students shall not place themselves or any objects outside the vehicle

  • Students shall keep the aisle and exits clear

  • Student  shall not  distract the driver or cause a safety hazard


Exiting the Bus

  • Students shall remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop

  • Students shall leave the bus in a calm, safe, orderly manner

  • Students shall exit at your assigned stop only 

  • To cross the road after leaving the bus, students shall:

    •  walk to a point 10 feet in front of the bus and wait for a signal from the driver to cross the road.

    • Double check that all traffic has stopped in all directions and cross the road promptly

  • Students shall go directly home after exiting the bus