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The library media specialist is responsible for print, non-print materials, and technological advances. This handbook will provide a guideline for an effective operation of a school library. This handbook will be helpful not only to the media center specialist but also to all stakeholders.


"To provide a world-class education that enables every student to choose and pursue any post K12 endeavor."

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The library media center’s purpose is to motivate each student to become an independent learner by providing a library program that will adequately meet individual needs and develop the student’s interests. The media center is the core of the school as it supports and enriches the curriculum, trains students in research skills, and provides leisure-time enrichment.

The media center provides assistance and materials for faculty in all content areas. The media specialist can use the materials, space, and schedule to collaborate with colleagues to enrich lessons and expand research skills. The media specialist is a central resource for professional knowledge across curricular lines. We believe that the library should be physically attractive. It should allow for independent work and large or small group activities.

The library  is a vital part of the Campbell County School Program as the center for instructional media.  It should provide information and enrichment in all curricular areas. The center must provide services that can be used by persons of diverse abilities, needs, and interests.

We believe that the ultimate goal of the school library media center is to prepare students for their future endeavors and to provide adequate resources for all teachers and patrons.

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Standards for Students

CCPS follows ISTE and VDOE technology standards

Standards of Learning (SOL) for Digital Learning Integration
Computer Science Standards of Learning (SOL)